Downhill Longboarding

What is Downhill Longboarding?

Downhill Longboarding has developed from skateboarding and is using the skateboard, or longboard for that matter, in its unique way.

As with a skateboard, you can do anything you want with your longboard. You can use it as a subtle means of transportation in a busy city; you can use the longboard for freestyle tricks or down at the skating park. You can skate on your longboard wherever and however your creativity can inspire you.
There are several longboards for every style, purpose or terrain and the designs are continuing to evolve and adjust to the skater’s needs and new ideas.

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Here we will talk about one particular way to use longboards- Downhill Longboarding.
Why? Well, downhill longboarding is the quickest, most exciting and probably most dangerous out of all longboard genres. In downhill longboarding speed is the star of the game. There are some sub-variation of downhill longboarding, but the primary idea is the same- stand on your longboard and skate on an open road.

In most of the downhill longboarding techniques, the skater stands on the board, but there are downhill longboarding distinctions where the skater is lying on his back, feet forward which allow him to go faster (because of better aerodynamics). On the other hand, makes the management of the board a lot easier and the whole experience, some would say, limited and boring.

The stand-up downhill longboarding is expanding widely in the last years and growing more and more popular.
It all originated with Hawaiian wave surfers who created the first skateboards in the 60’s out of disappointment, during the days of dangerous wave conditions. In the 70’s longboard started to appear, but both skateboarding and longboarding were still unrecognized and associated by many with youth disobedience and not as a serious sport during the 80’s.

It was only in the 90’s that expert skaters started to rise around the world (mostly in the US and Europe).
From that moment, skateboarding took off and became very popular with its many genres and races around the globe.

Longboarding, though less famous than its elder brother (skateboarding) has been increasing popularity over the past few years as people began to discover the potential in this extreme sport.
There is a growing number of competitions around the world. All the skaters start at the top of the hill and race down to the bottom; the first one to pass the finish line wins.

What’s extreme about it?

If you begin longboarding from zero, without ever skating on any boards before, you will first get amazed just from the fact that you didn’t fall. Then, after learning some skills, you will start getting speed on very gentle slopes. This constant and uncontrolled acceleration will scare you since you don’t have the slightest idea what to do or how to stop it. Therefore, you have to learn first how to brake and stop.

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